On June 24th, The Joint Standing Committee on Migration  launched an inquiry into the Working Holiday Maker program to ensure it is working effectively to support the tourism, health care and agriculture sectors during the COVID-19 economic recovery.

Following a month of collaboration with a number of organisations and associations across the country, BYTAP has delivered a submission on behalf of the Youth Tourism Industry.  To view BYTAP’s submission on the Working Holiday Maker Review please click here.

BYTAP would like to thank Katrina Greeves for the many hours in which she volunteered her time in order to prepare this paper – it would not have happened without her. We would also like to acknowledge the input and support of people from the following organisations: ATEC, ATV, AQ, BOA NSW, BlazeAid, CAPAA, National Farmers Federation, Farmers NSW and TTF. BYTAP would also like to thank the many contributors from across a number of different sectors.