Dear valued members and industry partners,

Following the recent update from Adventium Technology (Website Travel) representatives of the Executive Committee from Adventure Queensland, Adventure Tourism Victoria and the Backpacker Operators Association of New South Wales have been in discussions with Adventium in an effort to help find a satisfactory resolution for all parties.

We have engaged with Adventium Technology on several occasions over this past two weeks to voice the concerns of our members which were raised in several surveys. We have also gained further understanding of the challenges that also face Adventium and empathise with all parties as we navigate these very uncertain times.

As an industry collective, we understand first-hand the unprecedented impact the current trading environment has had on our members and the wider tourism industry. We recognise and understand that delays to supplier payments are unexpected, unfortunate and of course create additional challenges through this period.

The associations believe that strong, stable and transparent travel marketplaces are instrumental in the creation of a healthy youth and adventure travel sector for Australia and will be vital in driving a quick recovery once the current government restrictions are eased and global travel returns.

We welcome the proposed changes to the Adventium Technology business, including;

  • The introduction of an Agent and Operator fund
  • Regular and ongoing auditing of these funds by 3rd party Auditors, Grant Thornton Australia
  • Independent Board and Executive team

We understand that the decision to delay funds has had a very real impact upon operators, retail agents & customers.

Adventium Technology remains a key distribution partner for the majority of our

members, and as such, we encourage the sector to support them in ensuring the success of the $12m capital raise, and the subsequent payment to members and stakeholders alike that will follow.

We will continue to engage in good faith & with transparency with Adventium Technology throughout this process and encourage all our members to reach out to your local representatives who are doing everything they can to help support you through these difficult times.

Yours Sincerely,


Lisanna Weston (ATV President), Norman Jenkin (AQ President), Sam Badans (BOANSW Hon. Secretary)